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    A vibrant community dedicated to spiritual understanding, development and exploration.

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    It easy and fun to go to the next level in your spirituality, without judgment and with loads of support.

The Lightworkers Lab is a FREE online community comprised of spiritual seekers, consciousness explorers and best of all -- friends.  Founded by spiritual teacher Crystal Anne Compton, The Lab is a safe space for anyone truly interested in up-leveling their spiritual understanding and connecting more dynamically with the world of Spirit.

Members of The Lab become part of an exclusive Facebook group where they meet to enjoy group classes, intuitive readings, and energetic healings. Members are also the first to hear about new programs, workshops, services and classes offered by the designated teachers and practitioners in the Lab.

Teaching in the Lab focuses on spirituality and metaphysics, to include frequency, Ascension, channeling, psychic abilities, meditation, body awareness, shamanic exploration, and much more. Learn about our classes here. 

In addition, we have gifted spiritual healers and readers who offer their insight and services. Any member seeking to learn or receive intuitive insight or healing can attend any session offered in the Lab without limitation. Learn about our readings and healings here.  

The Lab is also the perfect fit for anyone wanting to develop their own gifts and talents in an encouraging and protected environment. Instructors are ready to help you open and strengthen your abilities and even teach you how to give your own reading or conduct your own spiritual session.

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